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Girl called Pearl, twenty-three, ex-film student, one time ballerina, resides in the sunshine state of Australia, originally from the 'Pearl of The Andaman' in Thailand, tutu skirts and sparkly shoes, loves Phantom & many random things.

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…for not making a female lead in Assassins Creed. I’m female and I don’t give a shit? I must not be the only one who thinks that it is actually more ‘historically accurate’ to have the leads be men, because throughout history linage is passed down on to men? 

It would awesome sauce to see a female lead, but I’m not getting my knickers in a knot over it.

Be cool interwebs.

I miss Ezio…

It’s my own design, it’s my own remorse.

Help me to decide, help me make the most Of freedom and of pleasure.

Nothing ever lasts forever.

Everybody wants to rule the world.



U n i t y .


thanks Randy Miller for the meme!


this nigga had so many angles. who directed this video lmao

Omfg Usher!


ROYALS from Paris

This is just…gah


my baby lives in shades of cool